How do you earn your living?
We are a fee-only firm. There are no "sales commisions" here and we do not have cookie-cutter products. Similarly, we don't have quotas or targets that must be filled. Our fee is 1.25% of assets under managemet [AUM].

What can you provide that others cannot? What's the difference with October Mountain Financial Advisors?
At other firms, you may not have the opportunity to talk directly to the people making buy-sell-hold decisions. You have that kind of access with us. Our business and service models are aligned more with bigger investment houses. However, you don't need  $1 million to have an account with us. Our average relationship is about $200,000.

Do you have a customer service department? Is that an outsourced department at St. Germain?
Yes, we have a client services group located in our offices; we do not use outside services to manage customer inquiries or requests. In fact, our entire Operations Department is located here, at our firm, and not in some far-flung locale in another state or time zone.