Hancock Shaker Village "Food for Thought" dinner series

We are a corporate sponsor for the "Food for Thought" dinner series taking place this summer at Hancock Shaker Village.

The 2-course meal was created especially for the evening by noted field-to-table chef, Brian Alberg. The dinner and Ms. Kolbert's discussion with the attendees did not disappoint.
This was the 4th and last of the summer's dinner series. Elizabeth Kolbert is the Pulitzer-prize winning author of The New York Times best seller, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History.
Her book is an outstanding treatise about the demise of our planet, as plants and animals continue to perish at the hand of humankind.
Click to see photographs:
Photo 1: Jennifer Trainer-Thompson, Executive Director of HSV with artist, David Teeple
Photo 2: Richard Seltzer, President, Board of Trustees of HSV; Michael Zaccaro, board member
Photo 3: L-R, Gerard Broussard, Maggie Lederer and Marion Roberts at the cocktail reception
Photo 4: Maureen Jerome [center] chats with author Elizabeth Kolbert prior to her presentation
Photo 5: The Round Barn was a wonderful back drop for the sold-out dinner